Timber Wall Frames & Roof Trusses Available in Perth

Timber Wall Frames & Roof Trusses Wangara - Perth - Bunbury

WA Timber Sales is a licensed Pryda Fabricator.

The latest Pryda Software is used to design, engineer and build roof trusses and wall frames which allows WA Timber Sales to factory manufacture to precise design specifications.

Pre-fabricated Truss and Frame allows quick installation which in turn reduces on site labour costs. Additionally, it eliminates timber wastage and site theft due to materials supplied being job specific.

An extensive site and storage facility enables WA Timber Sales to secure a wide range of stock which is offered at very competitive prices.

As the benefits of prefabrication are recognized, so are it’s uses – from the single carport and home, to large unit developments and commercial projects. A viable alternative to the traditional steel structure.

Feel free to contact and meet with our experienced staff to discuss your next project.

Link to Pryda www.pryda.com.au

Timber wall frames installed in Perth